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Автор Тема: На Нюрнберге 2017 будет представлен Т-72  (Прочитано 2040 раз)

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It has been very busy for us recently, spending everyday to make preparation especially now we have big range of Forces of Valor products adding to our portfolio.

Our first 1/16 scale radio control tank, Soviet T-72M is finally ready, the estimated delivery time will be between June - July 2017. Your patient is highly appreciated and let us take this opportunity to explain why it is worth waiting!

We could have released this tank in summer 2016, but the acquisition opportunity with Forces of Valor had changed our conception towards military collectibles. Being part of the group companies, we have to keep up with the FOV spirit, “Tons of metal, tons of steel”… Subsequently, our mass production 1/16th scale Soviet T-72 series tanks will include over 55 pieces of premium grade die-cast parts, and that apply even for standard version.

The 1/16 scale R/c tanks will available in two editions, “Standard” and “Enthusiast”. We have been asked by some customers why we do not release a premium version? The reason is because premium quality is not an option when you purchase a Waltersons product, it is a mandatory standard in our terms.

Here are a few features:

Feature #1:
- Over 55 pieces of die-cast parts located in various area of the tank. We use die-cast material not on the purpose to increase the weight, but more importantly, for certain shape and form, die-cast material offers better rigidity than ABS plastic. (However, ABS material has better flow viscosity than die-cast material and subsequently it is often used in area with highly intricate details)

P.S.- Any parts appears in silver colour indicates that it is die-cast parts, black colour indicates rubber parts and olive green indicates ABS plastic parts.

Feature #2:
- Torsion bar effect suspension design. Stiffness can be adjusted by using different diameters of torsion bars, it handles very well even with additional weights

Features #3:
- Adjustable idler wheel tensioner. By simply releasing or tightening the screw, it will adjust the tension of the caterpillar. The entire tensioner structure is made by die-cast parts, very rigid!!

Feature #4:
- Realistic road wheel rubber tyres design.

Feature #5:
- battery compartment cover on hull top. This is one of the features that consumed us the longest time in the development process, but also the one feature that we like the most. Instead of turning your tank upside down to replace the battery, especially after all the turret top accessories had been installed. With our design, you can simply open the battery compartment cover from hull top. Unless you have to do a major overhaul to the tank, otherwise you do not need to turn the tank upside down.

Feature #6:
- Fast release hull top mechanism. Our fast release hull top design is composed of 5 latches; two at the front, two in the middle and one at the back, it makes a very little different compare to the traditional method, which you have to secure screws from bottom up. Again, you can carry out most maintenance works with hull top removed. “No turning the tank upside down unless necessary”

Feature #7:
- We invited the Forces of Valor figurines design house to sculpt us 3 new figures for the Soviet T-72 series of tanks. (Unfortunately, due to cost constraint, only the commander figure is included)

Feature #8:
- Natural casting effect on the turret surface. The natural casting effect are based on our two research tanks in Bovington, UK and Munster, Germany. The left and right front of the turret had been revised at least 5 times before arriving to this shape. T-72M has thickened turret armour, it has obvious different compare to the T-72 Ural version. That being said, our T-72 Ural version will get a different turret mould.

Feature #9:
- Driver compartment hatch, commander hatch and machine gunner hatch can be opened.

Feature #10:
- Removable side skirt and front mud fenders. The side skirt and its attachment frame is also detachable.

Feature #11:
- Every road wheel comes with a POM (Polyoxymethylene) bushing, which can be upgraded to ball bearing if users find it necessary.

Feature #12:
- Gun barrel is entirely CNC machined from aluminum. We will use double injection method to put the thermal sleeves around the barrel.

Feature #13:
- A nice little feature we have added, instead of making only the main gun barrel mantlet with canvas covered, we made them into a few separate parts. The canvas is made from soft rubber, you can leave it on or remove it. (Thanks to an ex-East Germany commander who opened up the canvas and let us looked inside)

- Please dont count on this painting scheme, it is only for display purpose. Future tanks will all be hand painted with weathering & scratches effect. (Again, Forces of Valor had raised our factory paint standard)
- More details on electronics features will be published as soon as possible..."

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Как видим, реализована торссионная подвеска, много металл. частей и как расположен аккум. Вопрос какой он емкости

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На Нюрнберге 2017 будет представлен Т-72
« Ответ #1 : 26 Январь 2017, 17:28:46 »
все деа у меня и без металла все держится неплохо пока не жалуюсь не вижу смысла огород городить и акума 1700 даже цвет такой же  один в один небольшая переделка взади и башня вообщем все деа и судя по тому как влез акума даже клиренс не переделан потому что если бы был переделан клиренс туда таким образом по высоте акума не войдет не дадут редукторы он итак туда еле вошел углом лежит сразу видно:D

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На Нюрнберге 2017 будет представлен Т-72
« Ответ #2 : 28 Январь 2017, 23:25:27 »
Если судить по фото, клиренс как раз в масштабе.
Башня нифига не ДеА, как раз больше похожа от Т-72М, и посмотрите, амбразура орудия аутентичная, а у Деа шире, и намного.
Аккум как влез? Мы же не знаем, какие внутри редуктора, как они стоят, да и АКБ может быть ЛиПо, а он в 2 раза может быть меньше, чем штатный от ДеА, и всё те же 1700 мАч.